My name is Christoph Köhler.


I am the founder and creator of scapemoments, by now ceo and photographer of the company.


Photography means more than producing „just a picture“. It means producing moments that last forever; personalities coming to life.


The nature surrounding me as well as our studio have become my home. To create something durable in this fast, ever chancing world, that allows you to get lost in the moment while looking at it, allowing you to dream yourself away, means everything to me.


The art and craft of photography are my passion.

Während des Shootings kannst du bereits einen Blick auf entstandene Portraits werfen, Ideen und Wünsche einbringen.

Hemmungen und Schüchternheit verschwinden durch entspannte Atmosphäre und Spass am Shooting.

Wir freuen uns Dich kennen zu lernen.

Sylvi & Christoph

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